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Fusion 1

The FUSION 1 redefines extrusion welding with its compact and slim design. The double-sided rod intake offers increased flexibility and the attachable handle ensures increased agility in the welding process. An attachable handle ensures high agility in the welding process. The integrated LED light illuminates the welding zone optimally as needed. The FUSION 1 is the right extruder for plastic repairs and in pipe, tank and container construction.

The welder can also be suspended, thus enabling longer and hassle-free welding. The FUSION 1 impresses with its automatically regulated air temperature and is indispensable with the right welding shoe.

  • Double-sided rod intake
  • Extruder with integrated LED light
  • Attachable handle
  • Handheld extrusion welder
  • Slim and compact
singapore leister fusion 1 technical data