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Leister Triac AT with Filter Heat Gun Singapore

Triac AT

The TRIAC AT is an intelligent heat gun suited for job sites that require plastic to be welded and/or molded. The heat gun by Leister is designed to meet the demands of experts in various industries: With the intelligent e-drive control unit, regulation of temperature settings between 40 and 620 °C (104 – 1148 °F) and the air volume can be achieved independently. The digital display shows the current setting values. This high-quality manual welding device is designed to weld and mold a variety of plastics.

The professional TRIAC AT heat gun proves its skills in all kinds of weather and at every place of use: Outside on the construction site, as well as inside and even in continuous use. The TRIAC AT enables high joining pressure to be be applied. In addition, its slim design makes it a great choice to work with in tight spaces. As with all TRIAC products, the carbon brake protects the heat gun and the actively cooled protective tube protects users when working. Thanks to various nozzle heads, precise work is guaranteed.

  • Heat gun with temperature control
  • Adjustable air flow (up to five levels)
  • Intelligent “e-drive” control unit
  • Actively cooled, burn protection
  • Suitable for construction sites
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