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The UNIDRIVE 500 semi-automatic welding machine combines manual and automatic welding in a 9.9 lb (4.5 kg) handy plastic welding device with a service-friendly brushless motor. Thanks to its overlap technology, it’s ideal for welding various thermoplastic membranes such as PVC and TPO.

Whether on small roofs, on or at parapets, skylights, connections or small terraces, the UNIDRIE 500s dual drive and rotating nozzle are impressive features which show their worth in tight spaces. Additional work with a heat gun is reduced while the welding quality is increased at the same time. This is also because the semi-automatic welding machine is very easy to use: Ergonomically guided by two handles, the optimum pressure is generated for all basic welds. With the UNIDRIVE 500, welding can also be performed up to three times faster than hand welding. The UNIDRIVE 500 welding machine is easy to operate thanks to its intuitive user guidance; Depending on requirements, the direction of the drive changes from left to right or vice versa based on the key combination entered. Undervoltage also poses no problem for the UNIDRIVE 500: A sensor ensures constant parameter control and guarantees the plastic weld quality. The display enables users to monitor parameters and maintain control during welding.

  • Ergonomic handle for consistent pressure
  • Constant parameters and quality assurance
  • Up to three times faster than manual welding
  • Reversable drive for dual direction welding
  • Compact and lightweight: 9.9 lb (4.5kg), 11.8” (30cm) high
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