leister weldplast s2 singapore extrusion welders


The WELDPLAST S2 is extremely compact, yet still powerful with 2kg (4.4 lbs) output. It’s extremely durable, ergonomic and comes with countless ways to hold it. Due to the arrow-shaped body that narrows to a point, users may weld corners and difficult-to-reach places more easily than with traditional extruders. The guide for the pre-heated air is integrated into the end of the extruder, enabling the welding shows to be mounted in any position, rotating 360°.

The HMI display menu on the WELDPLAST S2 is designed specifically for extrusion welding. Multiple welding parameters are stored in the menu, which makes it easier to recall saved parameters. Furthermore, all operating components are easily accessible during the welding process.

  • Perfect weld quality
  • Multifunctional display
  • Low-maintenance blower
  • Agile
  • Safe
singapore leister weldplast s2 technical data