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Extrusion Welders

Leister’s wide range of extrusion welders offers specific solutions for projects in underground engineering, as well as plant and container construction. This also includes two modules for automated extrusion welding and 3D printing.

leister fusion 3c singapore extrusion welders

Fusion 3C

The FUSION 3C extrusion welder is great for equipment and container construction. The extruder also stands out with its sensible design. While the motor is installed on top, the handle and blower are located on the bottom of the tool. This arrangement makes the welder short and compact. In addition, it has a variety of …

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leister fusion 3 singapore extrusion welders

Fusion 3

The FUSION 3 extrusion welder stands out with its slim design and makes for a comfortable welding process with a high output volume. In two different versions, the extruder processes PE and PP of 3-4 mm / 0.12 – 0.16 inches or 4-5 mm / 0.16 – 0.2 inches welding rod, which is fed on …

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Fusion 2

The FUSION 2 extrusion welder from Leister is equipped with bilateral, tangle-free rod feed and impresses with its 360° rotating welding shoe. It’s a reliable and adaptable extrusion welder and at 45 cm (17.71 in) long, the FUSION 2 is very compact. In addition, the integrated electronics allow for a stepless setting of the output …

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leister fusion 1 singapore extrusion welders

Fusion 1

The FUSION 1 redefines extrusion welding with its compact and slim design. The double-sided rod intake offers increased flexibility and the attachable handle ensures increased agility in the welding process. An attachable handle ensures high agility in the welding process. The integrated LED light illuminates the welding zone optimally as needed. The FUSION 1 is …

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leister weldplast s2 singapore extrusion welders


The WELDPLAST S2 is extremely compact, yet still powerful with 2kg (4.4 lbs) output. It’s extremely durable, ergonomic and comes with countless ways to hold it. Due to the arrow-shaped body that narrows to a point, users may weld corners and difficult-to-reach places more easily than with traditional extruders. The guide for the pre-heated air …

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