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Leister Triac ST with Filter Heat Gun Singapore

Triac ST

The TRIAC ST from Leister is a handy heat gun, primarily used as a profiling tool for welding and processing plastic membranes. Additionally, it is used for professional welding, shrinking and molding various thermoplastics. The two-sided air filters of the TRIAC ST can be easily removed and cleaned. This ensures an optimal air supply and maximum performance. As a successor of the TRIAC S, the ST combines a new, highly robust engine with current technology and modern design in a handy heat gun.

  • Professional heat gun weighing less than 1 kg (2.18 lbs)
  • Robust heat gun “Made in Switzerland”
  • Ergonomic, two-component handle
  • The fine-mesh air filters are quick and easy to clean
  • More than 80 attachment nozzles available

Compared to the design of other heat guns, the proven bar-style heat gun enables welding above the head, on the floor and in narrow areas. The ergonomic, two-component handle and its optimized center of gravity provide an ideal grip, even for longer periods of use and under difficult conditions. When in use, the actively cooled, protective tube ensures continuous safety by protecting against burns. The carbon brake also protects the heat gun from overloading. The extensive range of accessories with over 80 attachment nozzles practically make this heat gun a universal device. The TRIAC ST is already the seventh generation of Leister’s revolutionary line of TRIAC hot air tools. Decades of experience packaged in a modern design, manufactured with Swiss quality: The TRIAC ST is a robust and reliable tool.

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