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Leister heat guns and hot air blowers are ideal for plastic welding, shrinking and forming thermoplastics, as well as for drying paint, varnish and much more. Thanks to their powerful hot air blower, as well as various nozzles and attachments, Leister’s professional hand tools are always reliable, even under difficult conditions and for demanding work.

Leister Triac ST with Filter Heat Gun Singapore

Triac ST

The TRIAC ST from Leister is a handy heat gun, primarily used as a profiling tool for welding and processing plastic membranes. Additionally, it is used for professional welding, shrinking and molding various thermoplastics. The two-sided air filters of the TRIAC ST can be easily removed and cleaned. This ensures an optimal air supply and …

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Leister Welding Pen S Heat Gun Singapore

Welding Pen S

Despite its compact size of 270 x 43 mm (10.63 x 1.69 in.), the WELDING PEN S is a strong hot air tool with 1,000 W of power. Thanks to its angle adapter and small size, the WELDING PEN S can produce great weld seams even when drawn in areas that are narrow or difficult …

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Leister Triac AT with Filter Heat Gun Singapore

Triac AT

The TRIAC AT is an intelligent heat gun suited for job sites that require plastic to be welded and/or molded. The heat gun by Leister is designed to meet the demands of experts in various industries: With the intelligent e-drive control unit, regulation of temperature settings between 40 and 620 °C (104 – 1148 °F) …

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Solano AT

SOLANO AT is a particularly powerful and lightweight, industrial heat gun, with many useful functions. The device was developed in collaboration with its core users and oriented towards their specific needs. This resulted in a unique heat gun that is particularly quiet, efficient and robust: SOLANO AT is equipped with a brushless, long-lasting motor (10’000 …

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Leister Labor S with Minor Heat Gun Singapore

Labor S with Minor

The small and handy hot air tool, LABOR S, is also available as a kit with the MINOR blower included. Weighing only 150 g (0.33 lbs), users can work for extended periods of time without fatigue. Thanks to the combination with the MINOR blower, there’s no need to purchase an additional air source. The LABOR …

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leister hot jet s heat gun singapore

Hot Jet S

Weighing only 580 g (1.3 lbs) with an ergonomic handle, the HOT JET S enables users to work for longer periods of time without fatigue. The heat gun offers optimal services with infinitely adjustable temperature and air volume for plastic welding. Regardless of whether the heat gun is used for plastic welding, removing or drying …

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Leister GHIBLI Heat Gun Singapore


The GHIBLI AW is a robust and ergonomic heat gun for shrinking cables, heating and shaping plastic parts in the auto industry and for overlap welding truck tarpaulins, for example. Thanks to the easy-to-grip, two-component frame, this powerful heat gun fits perfectly in the operators hand. Welding temperature and air volume can be continuously adjusted …

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leister forte S3 heat gun singapore

Forte S3

The FORTE S3 heat gun is a very powerful heat gun used to shrink films and hoods on packaged goods placed on pallets. A homogeneous hot air flow up to 650 °C (1202 °F) and 10 kW of power allow fast and uniform shrinking of various plastic sheets. The robust polyamide housing and the stable …

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leister electron st heat gun singapore

Electron ST

With a power of 3400 Watts, the ELECTRON ST is an especially strong hot air tool from Leister. The heat gun can reach temperatures up to 650 °C / 1202 °F with a stepless temperature setting, even at very high air volumes. Thus, the heat gun enables professional welding and forming of modified bitumen and …

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Leister Diode S with Minor Heat Gun Singapore

Diode S with Minor

The popular hot air tool, DIODE S, in combination with the external MINOR from Leister is the ideal kit for various applications, thanks to its low weight and high performance. o They’re connected to one another in a fixed manner and are ready for direct use. Thanks to the external blower, the hot air tool, …

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